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General membership meetings are held on the First and Third Mondays of each Month,(except for Federal Holidays).


The Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization responsible for 911 emergency medical and trauma response in the city of Havre de Grace MD and portions of Harford County, MD.  In addition, the organization also provides a significant amount of mutual aid assistance to other jurisdictions in Harford and Cecil counties.

The Corps is composed of 80+ volunteer members with a mix of advanced life support (ALS) trained patient care providers, IV technicians, and basic life support (BLS) trained patient care providers.

Our mission is accomplished with two ALS equipped ambulances, two ALS equipped 4WD SUV chief vehicles, one 4WD ALS equipped chase vehicle, one ALS equipped and one BLS equipped chase car, and one BLS equipped multi-personnel van.

All but three of our vehicles are based at the Arundel station.  One chase car is kept at the Havre de Grace Police Station for in-town rapid response.  Both of the Chief’s vehicles are kept with the chiefs.

Our facilities are located at 1601 Level Road in Havre de Grace which provides us with five equipment bays,  four administration offices, two bunk rooms, a crew area (with exercise and game area), two classrooms, four restrooms and various storage areas.



Our History

The first ambulance in Havre de Grace was started by Harford Memorial Hospital in 1929. The hospital operated the services for twenty-five years until the 1940’s when it was offered to any organization who would accept the responsibility for it. After being turned down by many organizations, including the fire department, the Joseph L. Davis American Legion agreed to take over the service.

The Legion formed a committee to operate the ambulance and constructed a building at Legion Square. The American Legion Ambulance Corps provided exemplary service from that location for over 40 years. By the early 1980’s, however, the corps was in trouble. Call volume was increasing, membership was decreasing, and public support was dwindling. In March 1984, faced with extinction, the organization committed it's resources to ensure it's survival.

Over the next two years the corps was involved in litigation that reduced the treasury to just over $2000 and depleted it’s roster to just a handful of active members. By early 1986, despite these problems, Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps, Inc. was born.

From the onset the Corps was faced with challenges. Following the Legion separation, the Corps had one year to find a new location. This challenge was met by purchasing property and constructing a new station in nine months at a cost of less than $150,000. Similarly, over the next few years, aging vehicles and equipment were replaced with the newest patient care technology. The Corps took advantage of innovative training opportunities and actively sought ways to improve effectiveness. By 1991, the Ambulance Corps had attracted the attention of other EMS organizations when it was featured in Maryland’s EMS Newsletter in an article entitled “Community Support and Pride in EMS”. In March 1996, the Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS) sponsored a national conference called EMS Today. A program at that conference, “ Volunteer EMS: Profiles and Strategies for Success” was summarized by JEMS as:

why do some services seem to be succeeding while others are not? Who is creating success and how are they doing it? This interactive workshop will address common volunteer EMS problems and profile services that are using innovative approaches to prevent or solve problems…

Havre de Grace Ambulance Corps was featured in that program as a company that is creating success despite increasing federal mandates, increased demand for service, increasing costs to provide service with dwindling budgets

Today, the volunteers of the Havre de Grace Ambulance, Corps, Inc. take pride in the accomplishments and the heritage that has been established. We will not be content to rest on our laurels, however, but will diligently endeavor to achieve excellence.

The history of the Corps was written by Jerry Capute, one of the original members of the Corps and former Chief of the Corps, in honor of the 10 year anniversary banquet in 1996.


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